Well I'm not even exactly sure where to start or what I should say first other than HOLY HECK - after months and months and months of procrastination I've finally made it to my blog - my own little personal space all about me and my new career of iCandy Photography. But wait! It's not just going to stop there - I decided that if I'm going to promote my business you're gonna have to get to know me and what I have to say, not just on a business level, but also a personal level.  What fun is doing business with someone if you don't even know anything about them or their personality. Me, personally - I don't care HOW good your work is, if you don't have the personality to make yourself enjoyable to be around - forget it! So my goal with my blog is to not only share with the cyber world my work but also me, me, me - brace yourself - you're about to embark on a ride of a lifetime - I plan on getting right down personal & opinionated & I hope that I can have at least ONE person that can relate with whatever it may be that I'm "blogging" about that day. Blogging is going to be my own personal therapy, so please bare with me... if it doesn't make sense, so be it - just be happy for me that I've been able to clear my mind on my blog and that I'll be able to go on with my day!!  So thank you in advance - and welcome to my world! 

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