Saturday, January 28, 2012

{ the hair chronicles of Chevee Rae.... }

There's no denying this little lady's hair and of course, that's the first noticeable thing about her and the first thing people comment about... even if it is the ridiculous question of, "is that natural?" Hmmm.....   

So it's her locks of love that's lead me to this blog post, and showing the different stages of that mop atop her head.  

First up is this
fresh-outta-bed-from-a-good-night's-sleep picture

Wash time!  You don't know just how long her
locks are until you get 'em wet!

All clean!

Combed out!  (after much conditioner, leave-in, of course)

Tousled with mousse to hold in those curls
and to keep the static away!

All done!  And yes, I'm sure you'll notice that she's wearing a different shirt... well that's because bath time usually comes right before late morning nap time which meant picture time was totally over when this mission first started.  So these "after" pictures are way after, like the next day after!

When out and about, people ask me how old she is and when I tell them they give a surprised reaction and say that she's so big for her age!  Honestly, it offends me - if she was a boy, maybe not - but no matter the age, it's just never ever right to call a girl "big!"  But then I started thinking about it and I really do believe that people think that she is older and their first instinct for an explanation is, "she's big," but really, I think it's the "big" hair that makes her seem older since it's not as common for babies her age to have hair like this - but I'm not complaining... yet!  My 11 year old, Aaliyah, had the exact same hair at this age, but even thicker!  And today the hair is still there but her love for it is not.  Yes, it's true, girls are never happy with what they have but that's what makes us so interesting with never a dull moment - and my girls are solid proof of just that!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Wanna Be a Cowboy....

No, seriously - I wish I'd been raised on a ranch full of horses and cattle.  Meet Trey & CheriDawn Overdorf... Blackfoot, Idaho's finest cowboys. And by the way, I think Tre's tractor's sexy (inside joke)!  We tackled this photo shoot on a November afternoon, and even though I was panicking because I was losing daylight, with that I gained a sunset which created the look of them riding off into the sunset.

And then there's this shot of Tre - resembling the Marlboro Man at dusk! 

You can see the love that CheriDawn has for her horse,
and this picture is only one of many that show this "groovy kind of love."

There's not just a love for their horses, but there's
an obvious & abundant amount of love for each other.

I do believe that these 2 have a modeling career in their near future!

And by Tre's special request, the boot and spur.....

Their property is so beautiful! We're planning a Spring shoot as the
wildflowers are blooming and I can hardly wait!

To see more from this photo shoot, CLICK HERE to take you to my Facebook page.

Monday, January 9, 2012

{ best of 2011 }

We may be into a new year, but let's not forget about those moments from 2011 caught on camera! My first year of iCandy went by so fast, yet I also decided to have a baby all in the mix of it too.  Even though 2011 seemed to fly by, it was an amazing and memorable year for me!  Looking forward to an even better 2012!

To celebrate the year and move onto the next,  I've selected my favorite picture from each session from 2011, and I am leaving the rest up to my viewers to vote on the best photo from 2011!  The winner of the contest, along with their choice of any friend or family member, will each receive 50% OFF a regularly priced photo session (excludes packages & weddings), PLUS... each person that voted on the winning picture will receive $25 off a photo session over $100.

To vote,  CLICK HERE, which will take you to my Facebook page.  View all the pictures and then "LIKE" your favorite picture!  Please vote for only one picture - I'm not going to have time nor an easy way to make sure that there's only one vote per person, so I'm just going to have to trust everyone!!

Voting starts today, January 9th and voting will end midnight, January 16th, with the winner being announced January 17th.

Here are the photos to choose from!  Thanks to everyone for a fabulous 2011!