Saturday, July 9, 2011

{The True Fun in Summer...}

I took off through our little town of Alpine today with camera in hand - heading to the park in hopes of capturing some summer fun moments for my upcoming "Fun in the Sun" contest... and boy did I find the best example of what kids do for fun & it reminded me of being a kid, not having the internet or XBox or iPods or any of those other gadgets, only our imaginations....

Walking up the road I ran across these kids carrying this beat up couch down the sidewalk... doing a good deed for the neighbor perhaps? I continued to follow (stalk).....

No good deed for the neighbor, they'd done past up all the houses and continued on... the curiosity was killing me!
Ahhh.... okay - this is making much more sense now! They carried it up the road to this nice little piece of grass and were just gonna hang out on it (though the girl had a lot to say & was obviously trying to prove herself to be right about something! Cute - I get it.  So I carried on with my walk, still heading to the park.
I looked back once I got up the road a little further & snapped another picture... something was about to happen here - these weren't kids that were just going to stop at furnishing this little patch of grass, they had much bigger plans....
And then I heard it, the "oh no's" and the "there it goes" and the "catch it!"....  a brilliant plan gone wrong...
Now if you look real hard at the above picture, clear up that creek you'll see the brilliant plan gone wrong... the couch with no kids on it! Their idea of floating the creek on the couch back-fired and the couch took off without 'em! I knew I should've stuck around to catch every moment of this mishap! I'm now probably known to them as the crazy evil stalker lady because all I did was run around using my left hand to push Chevee in her stroller while trying to take the pictures of this humorous moment with my right hand... why was I getting such a kick out of this??  I finally caught up to them and in the above picture, the couch was actually stuck but they'd managed to set it free but it had flipped upside down so here they are trying to flip it back over.
I couldn't creep them out any further to stick around and watch the conclusion so I went on my merry way to creep out the horses I came upon next.... but I still can't help but wonder what the conclusion was. Guess I need to go for another walk tonight!!

And here's a picture of my next victim!
I love this little town we live in... so much to see and only lots to do if you put your mind to it (something our kids are having a real hard time comprehending now that we're no longer living in the city).

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