Sunday, October 21, 2012

something orange...

One of my online forums for photographers, ROCK THE SHOT, is running a contest this month and the theme is "Something Orange."  I'm getting an itch that this image fits the description perfectly!

This was one of my favorite shoots EVER!  Not to mention, the most calorie-burning shoots!  This senior loves to hike and has a favorite area where she hikes, and we found it appropriate to of course shoot her senior pictures, that are suppose to be all about her, in her little piece of heaven on earth.  So off we went, fall colors at their best along with her amazing hair color to set it off.  She has that "look" that made capturing all her beauty with its surroundings so easy.  I haven't been hiking in many years, but now I know why she loves to hike this trailhead, and I too, felt the peace that this area offers.  Thanks, Alaynia, for an amazing afternoon!

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