Friday, September 16, 2011


Guess what I finally have??? Just in time for (I really hate saying this word in September) the Holidays (ouch!), iCandy  now has gift certificates for sale to be applied towards photo shoots, prints, or a design; and they can be any amount you want!

I sometimes tend to go a little overboard, and with these I think I may have, but just a little :). I love colors, all colors and I couldn't choose just one color for the certificates, so I chose lots of colors so that you can have a choice too - though I doubt anyone will truly care - but just in case... I got your back!

So you know that there's always that hard to buy for person (or family or couple) or you just need a last minute wedding gift or you know of someone who hasn't had family pictures taken in a very long time and just needs a little nudge... think about it - I know you know SOMEONE that could benefit!!  Well when you're ready, so are these gift certificates!  If needed, you can just pay through PayPal and I can mail them to you unless you're up for a beautiful scenic drive to Alpine!!

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