Friday, September 23, 2011

{ grandpa's girls }

In August, just me and my two girls went and stayed in Blackfoot.  On our way out, we stopped to see grandpa, Chevee's never visited his grave site.  It's not the ideal place to have to go have a little chat with your grandpa or dad, but visiting is a must, and I actually enjoy it and surprisingly enough, it brings me peace.

These first pictures are Aaliyah showing Chevee the engraved picture of grandma and grandpa.

Chevee also likes to look with her hands!

Kinda seems weird that I'm having my girls pose in front of a headstone, but it doesn't bother me, and under the circumstances, I don't think it's all that weird. Plus! My mom spent some good money on that headstone - may as well show it off!

Aaliyah decided they should lay with grandpa - seems as if it's more like laying ON grandpa!

The last time I saw my dad, which was 3 days before he passed away, I knew it would be my last time seeing him and that it was goodbye, and so I asked him to randomly leave me dimes to help me know he's still with me. He looked at me very strangely, gave me a little smirk and said ok. And to this day, I don't find pennies, I find dimes - I'm not kidding either!  When we visited in March, I left him one of the dimes he'd left me - it's still there.

Well... today it's been three years since I started my hobby of finding dimes, meaning it's been three years since he passed away.  I wasn't there to hold his hand as he took off to his new adventure (as Carter puts it) of engineering the hell outta heaven! That would have to come first before he took on any other assignments, or he would just be a complete wreck! They say in Heaven you're suppose to be at peace with so much happiness, but I truly don't believe he would be if there was even one little white picket fence that had a little tilt to it - I'm sure St. Peter handed him his tool belt right as he walked through those pearly gates!

Well pops - we love ya and we just miss you more and more with every passing day but we know that you're not too far away and that you're keeping tabs on us - though I'd prefer having you here instead.

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