Saturday, September 17, 2011


When we visited Idaho in July, Chevee got to meet my Grandma Hazel for the first time. Grandma Hazel is my dad's mom and she lives in an assisted living home in Blackfoot and has been there for a few years.  Her memory isn't too healthy and for the most part can only remember things from long ago. She can tell all kinds of stories from when she was a little girl - it's truly amazing as well as entertaining to listen to her.

I went to visit her when I was pregnant (very pregnant & showing) and she was very surprised & excited to see that I was, but I knew that she wouldn't remember. Showing up with Chevee was a complete surprise to her and oh so exciting.  She was perma-grinned and just couldn't quit staring at her - it was truly a heart-touching moment!

Grandma Hazel is very special to us.  When my dad passed away almost 3 years ago, because of her struggling memory, we were so worried that she would forget that she had lost her only son and that it would be similar to "50 First Dates" and that she would have to continuously relive the news each day; but to our surprise, that was one recent memory that she held onto for longer than just a few minutes.  I would go visit her, and in her tiny apartment, she would be rocking in her rocking chair and next to her would be a little table with a lamp and a picture of my dad, the picture being turned and facing her, and she would be rocking and staring at the picture - it never failed, I would instantly tear up and then embrace her in my arms as she would start to cry too and tell me thank you, thank you for coming.  Unfortunately, in the last year, her memory hasn't been able to hold on to the passing of my dad and when my mom visits, she asks about Ed.

I get so much joy from visiting her and taking my kids to see her so that she can remember, at least just for a moment, that she has a family that loves her.  When she met Chevee it was all OOHS and AHHHS and then the question, "what does Ed think about her? She's just so beautiful, I bet she's got him wrapped around his finger," and I just smiled as a tear rolled down my cheek.

She just couldn't get over Chevee's hands - she was so amazed at how tiny they were, she hadn't held a baby for so many years.

Notice her cute & colorful polka-dotted nails.  When I visited a different time, they were all done up too - "tween style" and I complimented them, because it really is so cute! She said that girls come to the facility and paint all the lady's nails for them... that only made sense. My grandma was always so proud of her nails; I remember as a little girl she would always show me how long they had gotten and how strong they were because of a certain strengthening clear nail polish she would use on them.

We're amazed that Grandma Hazel is still with us and I just pray that she feels no pain every day and that she doesn't get her feelings hurt because Ed doesn't come to visit.  We love you Grandma Hazel!

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