Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{ happy birthday } to our BRAYLIN

Today is my nephew's birthday! His name is Braylin and he is 4 YEARS OLD! He's my most favorite little boy in the whole wide world and he just tugs on my heart strings just thinking about him, let alone when I look at his big blue eyes! Take a look!!
To those of you out there that have never truly thought about just how special adoption is, maybe after reading this, you'll know.  My brother, Carter, and his wife, Angela, were finally ready to start their family and tried for many years to do so.  After several failed attempts they turned to adoption. Not far away, was a young, scared pregnant mother, though she came from a very wonderful and supportive family, she knew that giving her baby up for adoption was the right thing to do - she chose Carter and Ang to take her sweet baby boy into their lives and give him what she couldn't at that point & time in her life. And, of course, Carter & Ang did just that, with fully open arms giving more love than one knew what to do with!  Braylin was born in Logan, UT but he and Ang had to wait a few days before they could go back to Idaho, so lucky us - we got to spend time with them and watch Ang give all that love to him - I've never seen anyone glow as much as she. You could see the amazement in her eyes as she looked deep into his and it was an experience that I'll never forget. Adoption is so very special and I really don't think that every one of those birth mothers out there know just how happy they make families and how special they are and how grateful those families are for their selflessness.

Here's more pictures of Braylin from over the summer - he's so full of life, I could hardly keep up to get some shots of him!

And then shortly after Braylin, another miracle came to be...  Ang got pregnant!! And just days before that next Christmas, we were blessed with Adilee, which is a mini-me of Ang!

I know that these 2 little cutie-patooties are most definitely keeping Carter and Ang young, but boy! Are they oh so worth it! And even though Braylin and Adilee will have their little spiffs, they're still the  best of friends!

Happy Birthday, little man! We love you so very much! And of course, we love you too Adilee - and as mommy always tells you - we love you bigger than heaven!

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